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12 hours ago

Tackle tip Tuesday #2. How to save a fortune on Senkos! I’m excited to share another little trick that has saved me some significant time and money. Comment if you guys have any related tips or any other ideas or topics you would like to see me cover! This week I was prepping for a bass tournament. I was planning on fishing wacky rigged @yamamoto_fishing Senkos as part of my game plan. As many of you know, Senkos are one of the most reliable fish catching soft plastics out there but they are not the cheapest! To stretch out the life of the bait and keep it on the hook longer many folks use an O-ring system to keep the bait in place. O-rings work ok but you have to rig them in the field, which takes time and the surface area of an O-ring is small enough it can still cut through the bait. I like to pre-rig a bag of Senkos with a small section of electrical shrink tubing dead center on the bait. I then insert my hook right through the shrink tubing and just like that I can catch 3x the fish on one bait and not have to mess with O-rings in the field. To pre rig them, simply cut a small section of shrink tubing about 1/3 of an inch wide, slide it over the bait and hit it with a lighter until it tightens down on the bait slightly. This takes about 30 seconds per bait and it works great! Thanks to @buchmann.dan for first exposing me to this trick. #tackletiptuesday #tackletips #fishingtips #fishingtipsandtricks #tackle #fishingtackle #softplastic #softplasticsfishing #senkos #yamomoto #moneysaver #senkobait #senkobaits #fishingwithplastics #fishing #fishinghacks #fishinghack #tacklehack

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check out @debos_fishing. he pointed this out before and it hit me earlier today. tight lines folks.

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It’s #TackleTipTuesday ! Here’s some tips from our Jewel Pro Staffer, Kevin Short! 🎣😁

1 week ago

It’s Tackle Tip Tuesday #1 ! How to get perfect, clean filets every time. (I probably shouldn’t start a tackle tip Tuesday series with a tip that has nothing to do with tackle but I’ve been waiting to share this one for a while!) So you finally get out fishing and catch a nice limit of eater sized walleyes that you plan to use for a fish fry. When you get home and are ready to clean them you go ahead and toss the fist one on the table and get after it. As you start to filet the fish blood and gore get all over your cutting board, knife, the filets and your hands. You can’t even rinse it all off the filets and when you cook them it’s still there. A simple step that I used to overlook takes care of all those issues! I simply bleed my fish out before I filet them. When I get back to the ramp after a day of fishing I just flick the serrated blade out on my @fishxelite pliers (which I always have on me anyway) and simply take insert the knife right behind the gills of each fish and slice down and away towards the chin of the fish. You don’t have to cut all the way through, just enough to lacerate the main arteries behind the gills. As long as it’s a reasonably short drive home I just leave them in the water in my live well to bleed out, drain the water at home, pull the fish out and they are completely bled out. I can then clean them with no mess and I get snow white, clean filets as a result. If it’s a long ride home I will bleed them out in the live well, dump the water and throw a bag of ice on them to chill them down. If I get home with a bunch of fish and don’t have time to clean them all I will simply put them in a cooler on ice until I get to them. I think chilling them actually firms up the meat and makes them easier to clean. Getting super clean, white filets is as simple as that and it also improves the flavor and texture of the meat on the table. Comment if you guys have any thoughts or any ideas for the next week’s tips! @fishxelite #fishingtips #tackletiptuesday #tackletips #cleaningfish #fileting #fishprep #fishpreparation #filetofish #fishingforfood #fisharefood #catchandeat #catchandcook #seafood #walleye #eatwalleye #foodfishing #fish

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#tackletiptuesday do you trim up your weed guards? Cause it'd be a lot cooler if you did 😎 ___ Well known by most, trimming up your weedgaurd can increase your hookup ratio when sometimes the weed guard is just too stiff. Some thoughts to consider, od not simply trim it shorter, but remove strands. Trimming it short will only stiffen the weedgaurd but by removing strands or cutting them close to the head of the jig. 👌🏼 ___ Follow 👉 @firstcastreviews for more! Via: @flwfishing @canterburyfishing | #firstcastreviews | #firstcast |

4 weeks ago

Quick scrub with a sponge after each use should keep the Skeeter ZX clean this season! Strap it back onto the trailer with a bungee cord so it dries out quickly and avoids a wet mess in your compartments #tackletiptuesday #cleanboat #happyboat

4 weeks ago

The Uni Knot is one of my favorite knots to use. It is very durable and has always held up well for me and has saved me from loosing many fish out on the water! What is your favorite knot to use? . . 🔥I’m almost to 1,000 subscribers on my #youtube channel!! Go hit that subscribe button and help me pass this milestone!🔥 . . 🎥 Link is on my bio! 🎥 . . #fishing #ltoutdoors #bassfishing #subscribe #fishinglife #videos #largemouthbass

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still waiting to be the star of a #tackletiptuesday video like..... 🎣😁

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Correction↪ Parentin' Ain't Easy Big props to all of the parents out there hustling and grinding to give their kids the life they deserve, WE SEE YOU❣ Remember to not compare your life to others because life isn't a rat race. The only people we should be with competing with, is our yester-selves😊 Do you boo and just make sure those littles are happy and healthy because there is no right or wrong to parenting. As long as you're doing your best! . . . #loveyourself #tackletiptuesday #parentingainteasy #happybabieshappyparents

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It’s #TackleTipTuesday ! This week we have some tips from our Jewel Pro Staff, Kevin Short! 💎🎣

1 month ago

One of my favorite ways to catch bass all year, but especially in the heat of the summer is fishing docks. Pick them apart with your favorite jig and be sure to hit every nook and cranny deep in the dock. Can be time consuming on certain days, but it’s a great way to catch a good 5-bass limit of big ones. Try a 1/2 oz @truesouthcustomlures jig, a @bizzbaits Cutter Craw as a trailer, rigged on a 7’2” @alx_rods ToadFace and 20-lb @plinefishing and go to work. This was yesterday’s @bass_nation Tackle Tip presented by @mercurymarine #alxrods 💪🏻 #bassfishing #basselite #tackletiptuesday #dockfishing #skippingajig

2 months ago

Happy #tackletiptuesday this week we will show you how to set up your @lews_fishing baitcaster to get maximum casting distance. (Step 1): tighten the knob on your handle side all the way (step 2): set your brakes to zero on the opposite side (step 3): with your desired bait hanging from the rod, loosen the handle side knob until the bait begins to fall (step 4): set the brakes on the opposite side to half and you’re ready to cast! These steps give you a great starting point where you can adjust for even more casting distance!

2 months ago

Highlighting my ideal rod/reel/line set up to optimize your Fish catches while using the favorable #whopperplopper for your #tackletiptuesday ! Posted @withrepost @bass_nation Bassmaster Elite Series pro @jamiehartmanprofishing knows the power of a Whopper Plopper topwater lure when fish move into the post spawn phase of the year. Hartman breaks down his equipment setup in this #TackleTipTuesday video brought to you by @mercurymarine. #bassfishing #fishing #topwater #jamiehartman

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Tackle Tip Tuesday! 🎥🎬

2 months ago

Happy #tackletiptuesday ! This week @drew_deloney shows you how to add a flouro leader to braid with the alberto knot. This is one of the strongest knots you can use to add a leader

3 months ago

🐟Tackle Tip Tuesday!🐟 • Look no further than the Eviction Jig to keep one rod in your hand running cover. It's versatility is unmatchable. Pair it with your favorite jig trailer and skip docks, flip wood, pitch grass, heck you can even swim it! • 📸: @blairericksonfishing #FishUntamed #tackletiptuesday #untamedtackle #untamed #bassmaster #basselite #flw #mlf #bassjigs #jigs #largemouthbass #smallmouthbass #angler #fishing #bassfishing #bass #tungsten #ownerhooks #gopro #goprohero7

3 months ago

For this week's Tackle Tip Tuesday, we are talking about the @liftedjigs Ned EWG. This Ned head allows you to fish a Ned rig in cover where most people aren't throwing them. This gives those fish a finesse presentation as opposed to the big jigs and Texas rigs they're used to seeing. Don't forget to use the code: NWINGLER10 at checkout for 10% off your Lifted Jigs order! #liftedjigs #liftmorebass #EWGned #largemouth #smallmouthbass #nedrig #midwestfinesse #RIGGED #itsnotapassionitsanobsession #keepfishingNEVERstop #takeakidfishing #tackletiptuesday #publiclandowner #publicwater #iamsportsman #whatgetsyououtdoors #sickforit #myindiana #hushlife #HUSHIN #HUSH #nicholaswingleroutdoors #JESUS #jesussaves

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Esvin Hernandez with Cedros Outdoor Adventures shares some recommendations on what to bring on your next fishing trip to Cedros Island in beautiful Baja California Sur, Mexico.

3 months ago

Problems with hooks rusting? 🧐 Read further for this #tackletiptuesday 📖💪🏼 ___ A common issue I see, is you get a watertight box like the @planofishing waterproof stowaway 3700 to protect your hooks from rusting. But what happens is, you get in your box to switch out lures so you cut off the one you just took out of the water and put it in the box, tie on a new one and close it up. Now, all the moisture from the lure is trapped inside the box because it is watertight and your hooks rust over the next week between derbies. However there is an easy solution! ___ You know the desiccant packs you find in clothes or beef jerky? Those are designed to remove moisture from the environment they are in. So even though they say "throw away", DON'T! Save them and put in your tackle boxes to help remove the moisture from the sealed box. Additionally if you want something bigger(see top picture) @pelican sells large desiccant packs for their waterproof cases that work well and are relatively cheap AND can be recharged by baking them in a oven or running through them with a hairdryer 💯💯💯 ___ So quit wasting money on hooks and rings that rust and leave rust spots on your baits, throw some desiccant packs in those boxes 💪🏼👌🏼 ___ Follow 👉 @firstcastreviews for more! Via: @firstcastreviews | #firstcastreviews | #firstcast |

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Todd Schulz talks “TACKLE TIP TUESDAY” 📽 Check it out‼️