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2 hours ago

Doing the nightly bedtime roundup.... Realize I'm down a dog.... Call her from the deck ...her bark is coming from down the back.... and that's because she snuck in the compound behind me when I locked up the barn for the night.. 😆 sneaky Pete ..just in there for the snacks!! #farmdogs #ilovemydog # #dogslife #goober #maplesnmayhemmanor

5 hours ago

We are babysitters, security guards, signalers of delivery trucks, barkers at squirrels and neighbors walking their dogs, fetchers of balls, diggers of holes, cheerleaders of welcome, a soft place for snuggles, eaters of treats, foot warmers, garbage disposals, everyone’s best friend, guardians of everything living on this farm. We are a diverse pack of paws aging from 11 mos to nearly 11 years. We love our job and it shows. #barkcrew #farmdogs #loves #PandaBear #greatpyreneesmix #Cowboy #shepherdmix #Raisin #team #bernesemountaindog #fromfabtofarm

6 hours ago

Indy and I took a roadtrip this weekend (more on that tomorrow) but got to see where my best friend @kcswope works. This is @fullcirclefarmsanctuary in Warm Springs, GA. These beautiful, funny, and amazing animals have all been rescued and will now live out their lives at the animal sanctuary. The amazing team of animal care workers, work round the clock to provide care, medical attention, and a loving environment for all the animals! my bestie is the Animal Care coordinator and I am SO proud of her and the work she is doing. She is so passionate about her job and these animals, she truly is a superhero 🦸‍♀️ I felt so privileged to be able to visit, learn, and interact with these magnificent animals. This non-profit is fully funded by donations and right now it’s the annual Fill The Hay Barn campaign. All donations are used to buy hay to feed the animals and keep the sanctuary up and running. Please visit the link in the bio of @fullcirclefarmsanctuary to donate and learn more about this amazing nonprofit 🐔🦆🐴🐄🐖🐏🦙🐑🐓🦃🦢🦚 . . . #roadtrip #dogblog #blog #blogger #dogmomblog #animalsanctuary #animals #rescueanimals #farm #farmlife #farmanimals #farmsanctuary #donkeys #cows #pigs #chickens #farmdogs #rooster #llamas #horses #animal #savetheanimals

9 hours ago

CORGI PUPPIES 😱🥰 That’s it. That’s the caption.

15 hours ago

What the actual crap happened to summer? It feels like just yesterday the first anemone was blooming and now the leaves are starting to fall and a familiar crispness is filling the air. It’s fine, we’re fully prepared to embrace the fallidays. ∵ ∵ Our IG model today is Dude. Dude is one of the strangest animals we’ve ever had. Outside of looking like an overgrown opossum, Dude doesn’t care about any societal dog norms. He has a John Wayne air about him, friendly when he wants to be with a no-nonsense ethic when it comes to the apparent war he believes we’re in with every bird in the sky. Even though he’s on the smaller side for an Australian Shepherd, dude is as fast as lightning so you only catch him when he wants to be caught (which is almost never). Dude’s awesome. ∵ ∵ #freshflowersrule #dogdaysofsummer #dogsofinstagram #farmdogs #australianshepherd #farmhand #dude #farmlife #countryfile #familyfarm #familydog #flowerfarmer

15 hours ago

These farm dogs really know how to join in on the fun! One of their favorite activities is trying to jump in the van whenever they get the chance… And even though they’re both pretty big it can be a difficult feat to launch themselves up. We often hear the scratch of toenails as they’re trying to climb up the steps into the backseat… And it’s just hilarious. On this occasion, after a feed run, both of these goobers made it up, and they look pretty pleased with themselves. #farmdogs #cargovan #homesteaddogs #feedrun #50poundbags #30000pounds

18 hours ago

Someone told the dog carrots help u see in the dark, unfortunately rabbits have been using that truck for years! #funnydogs #farmdogs

19 hours ago

We'd like to introduce you to another member of the Fleurieu Milk Company family, Meet Holly, Steve & Inge's trusty helper, Holly is another true-blue Fleurieu Farm dog. Why not share your four-legged team member pics below, we'd love to see them! 🐶