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4 hours ago

Now that I’ve got the bed all ready to sleep in....

5 hours ago

It is EXHAUSTING getting this bed just right.

6 hours ago

Well, my box fort was fun while it lasted but my hoomans took the boxes away when the fun was just beginning 😾 I had a feeling it was too good to be true. Now I have to hunt to reclaim my boxes. Hoomom left this one on the floor for just a few minutes so I knew I had to claim it while I had the chance! It may be small, but a box is a box and if I fits I sits! 📦 . . . . . #boxcat #catinabox #catbox #catsinboxes #ififitsisits #cat #catproblems #pawerrangers #blindcat #noeyesnoproblem #blindcatsrock #blindcatsofinstagram #blind #blindpetsofinstagram #gato #neko #cute #cutecat #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catlovers #cats_of_ig #cats_of_instworld #catoftheday #catsagram #cats_of_day #catsoftheworld #catlover #cutestcats

1 day ago

Happy tails and quiet trails! Maybe soon I can go backpacking with Dad!

1 day ago

Living on the edge...

2 days ago

Brooks and Stevie had an exciting weekend, last weekend... We watched some baby kittens for a friend and everyone wanted to check out them out. After Stevie had a case of non recognition aggression the last time Brooks went to the vet, I wasn't sure how this was going to go but surprisingly everyone was excited about it. Stevie rubbed his face all over the baby gate and tried to touch them, he was really sweet with them. ❤ #blindcatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #catsofgram #catstagram #igmeows #igcutest_animals #fluffycatcrew #thedodo #noeyesnoproblem #all_things_furry

2 days ago

We just moved and are still arranging decor. At least the bottom shelf is looking purrritty 😸

3 days ago

She is beauty, she is grace 💕 #scout

4 days ago

The humans went away last week and took the phone so I couldn’t post for a while. 🙄 Anyway i have good news and bad news. Good news: my foster brother Nelson has an adopter and will be going home next weekend!! The bad news: one of the guinea pigs we foster passed away the other day. Grace, the all brown one. So we are happy and sad here

4 days ago

BDRA foster Nelson has an approved adopter and will be heading home next weekend!!!

4 days ago

The Blind Boys loves this kind of weather 😍 This morning it was just + 4 C, the grass was crispy. Today sun and cool weather, the favorite! A big bonus is that the wallpaper work will be finished today, and we get our lives back The B Boys are going to love that 💖 #blinddogs #irishrescue #bordercollies #blindbordercollies #noeyesnoproblem #blinddogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #blinddogsareawesome #bordercolliesofinstagram #ilovemydog #dogsofinstagram #bordercollieworld #rescuedogsofig #instadog #instapets #blinddogsrock #agriahund #thedodo #happydog

5 days ago

Two boxes are better than one! 📦📦 I’ve been practicing my box arranging skills lately 😸 I think this is the purrfect placement - I can sit in both boxes at the same time or hop back and forth between the two 😹 . . . . #boxcat #catbox #catsinboxes #catsandboxes #box #meow #bestmeow10k #pawshcatclub #pawerrangers #blindcat #blindcatsofinstagram #blindcatsrock #noeyesnoproblem #specialneedscat #rescuecat #adoptdontshop #cat #cutecat #catsofinstagram #catlovers #cats_of_instworld #catstagram #catloversclub #cutecatclub #cutepetclub #catsofday #catasticworld #catsoftheday

5 days ago

Hello to all my new friends! I’d like to introduce myself- I’m Barely a little Pembroke corgi pup who happens to be blind. While I’ll never see, I don’t let that stop me! I’m constantly getting into trouble and my mom says I’m the most mischievous pup she’s ever had which says a lot since she is raising my sister Hops- another Pembroke corgi. I might also have a heart condition but we’re hoping for the best news with those results 🤞🏻 follow us for our adventure! And if you’d like to donate or share my Go Fund Me I’d appreciate it! It goes towards any specialist and my special trainings! • • • #corgi #corgisofinstagram #corgipuppy #corgistation #puppy #blind #noeyesnoproblem #follow #gofundme #hi #corgifeed

5 days ago

2 blind loaves 🍞 Sorry for the lack of posts, hoomom (aka the catto’s social media unpaid intern 😂) has been busy with this thing called work. Who knows what that is, probably some lame boring human stuff.) #mykittyloaf #loaves

5 days ago

Meggie’s by the sea is hosting an amazing fundraiser for The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. Sept 15-28 th for every purchase made she will donate 20% to BDRA. Beautiful collars,leashes,bandanas, key fobs or bows for the collars . Lots of beautiful fall prints to choose from. Go to FB Meggie’s By the Sea. Don’t have FB? tPThat’s ok you can email. meggiesbows Bow or Bowtie $5.00 each + shipping Keyfob $5.00 + shipping Collar and Bow or Bowtie $15.00 + shipping Collar, Leash and Bow of Bowtie $25.00 + shipping.

5 days ago

Rumple was adopted from BDRA in 2011, and apparently he has learned to type over the years! He sent us his own update! "I get to type!!!!!! Typing is so much fun! I always wanted to type! Type, type, type, type, TYPE!!!!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!! So here's the deal, I'm doing well! My parents aren't the brightest, but they sure are cute! I have spent years trying to convince them of all of the dangers in the outside world. They think I should be able to walk around a newspaper that’s laying on the sidewalk. Can YOU believe it? Do you know what kind of calamities could happen with a newspaper? By golly, I could trip on it! Or I could get a paper cut from it (those really hurt!)! Or a squirrel might have rigged it as a trap! (I know “newspaper traps” were banned in the National Dog & Squirrel Chase Peace Agreement of 2005; specifically, subsection 535, paragraph CC, line 932, but can anyone REALLY trust a squirrel? Those furry rascals are NUTS!!!) By the way, how cool is it that I get to TYPE?! Type, Type, Type! Type-type! Fuuuuun!!!! Where was I? Oh, yeah. Newspapers are a threat to national safety!! Also, there are soooooo many creepy noises in the world! I especially fear the sound of the Fed Ex, UPS and Post Office trucks. Those men try to look friendly by dropping off boxes and mail at the house, but I think they are up to no good! They come to the front door with their goodies, but I won’t let them in!!! I bark and bark and bark until they leave! …And guess what, they ALWAYS leave! I’m THAT good at intimidation! I will thwart any invasion attempt made by the delivery men! Soooo don’t let mommy fool you about me. I am not a chicken! I am just careful!!! And what’s with the Trash Bins? I see them and I think – “Trojan Horse”. It is the perfect set-up for a squirrel attack. Am I the only one who has studied Greek history?!! By the way, did I mention I’m typing! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! And…I could talk for hours about those weird holiday inflatable thingamajigs, but…huh?...what’s that, I hear?...uh-oh! Wouldn’t you know it? The UPS man just pulled up to the house. My enemy awaits and I must go protect my family. Got