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1 hour ago

Mid afternoon drinker- However I’ve always wanted a velvet bull. This made for an amazing afternoon in the 🥵 heat! #nockonnation

3 hours ago

Got to a signal at 1:30. I stalked to 32 yds of a bedded velvet bull. He wasn’t what I was hoping to find so I waited until he and his hard horned buddy ran off. Now it’s 100 degrees and I decided to do some timber art. Hoping the winds pick up and things get thirsty this afternoon. Staying hydrated and feeling good. #nockon

8 hours ago

On a quest from here to the far side by dark. Operation velvet bull elk is a go! Just waiting for the wind to pick up and settle. Slow and Quiet is the name of the game. #nockonnation

19 hours ago

It took a few days to pattern him, but it was well worth the wait. I’m so thankful. Heading back down the mountain friends. #nockon #nockonnation 🎥 @idarado

1 day ago

Bowhunting is a game of patience. It’s hard to walk away from a good buck but if the situation isn’t right, Then experience has taught me you need to wait for the right opportunity. This morning the wind, terrain and cover was A GO! I love teaching and if your trying for an early season success this is one thing I hope you can learn from. Wait for the advantage opportunity and seize it! Im thankful today I had an opportunity. The last 9 months of training paid for itself in full! Wishing you all an advantage soon! #nockonnation #nockon #sickforit #builtforthewild #doawesomeshit @traegergrills @hoytbowhunting @killcliff @yeti @hecsstealthscreen @sitkagear @freerangeamerican @ragebroadheads @blackriflecoffee @nockturnalnocks @stealthcamgsm @eastonarchery @walkersgsm

4 days ago

Opening morning glassing spot! Good luck everyone, I wish you all the best success of your lives! Hopefully you’ve paid your dues in practice season! It’s game time! #nockonnation

5 days ago

These are packed in my bags for the next month! I’ve had so many situations where I wish I had one of these with me! I love decoys and feel that in open areas when you are calling they are a must have. I REALLY like this idea and think it’s so well thought out. #decoys #bowhunting #elk #nockonnation #antelope