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Your Rider Is On The Way

3 minutes ago

I tried hanging out with someone recently but found out I couldn’t talk about anything at all because of how routine I had made my life recently. Go figure.

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Extra - ing

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What were we even trying to recreate @baarish_dhumawat ? Came out great tho 💯 Behind is the nalgand pass and this campsite is ronti gad at 13000ft. Such a beautiful campsite this was. Next up I will be posting a photo of the milky way from this very place! Clearest one ever 🤩 Ps: I would be lying if I tell you I wasn't shit scared before this jump. Pc: @niravoswal19 (fuck dude) #wanderlust #pca #patp #mypixeldiary #soi #dslrofficial #incredibleindia #indiapictures #trellingpune #mightyhimalayas #himalayanodyssey #himalayas #dhuglife #nomad #aov5k #voyaged #voyager #travelgram #travelphotography #aov #shotononeplus #roam247 #travelwithanunay #uttarakhand @trekthehimalayas @canonindia_official @dslrofficial @lonelyplanet

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Island Life

11 minutes ago

Relaxing rides down the beach 🌴🚲 🌴

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Coyote brown double strap 📸🎞

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Best wide angle lens is two steps backwards. But what if my back is on the floor already...

19 minutes ago

Ok weird question, does anyone else overwork themselves by mistake? 😂 Like, I said I was going to take some weekends off this month and regroup my sanity, but instead I accidentally booked up all my weekends without realizing it! I looked at my calendar to see when I could go visit @baileymatthews.psd in Auburn and it was full 🤦 Lol I love my gallery coordinator job & I love my photography job so much and I am so thankful for every opportunity I have in both that I take on everything that comes my way, but I have to remember to make time for sleeping, cleaning, and have quality friend time at some point 😂😂😂😂😂 but to all of my July sessions & meetings, I can not WAIT! because you guys are all worth the crazy schedule 😊

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Skógafoss. ⠀ ⠀ This is one monster work of nature. ⠀ Spot the couple (top right) for scale..

23 minutes ago

"the karate kid."

23 minutes ago

eek :’)

26 minutes ago

I had a dream, I had a Glock, I had a beam run it backkkk

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🌞 Sunshine & Smiles 🌞

29 minutes ago

I couldn’t be happier with life. I’m so blessed to call you my best friend and wife, for the rest of my life. July 16th has become my favorite day of the year. I love celebrating you more than anything. happy birthday, love. I love how much more beautiful you get, inside & out each year.

29 minutes ago

The lady with the books...

31 minutes ago

Kalah menang dalam sebuah permainan itu resiko kita. Tinggal menyiapkan mental dan skiil untuk menemukan titik yg lebih baik... #AOV #Edisikalahmain

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Salida singletrack 4.8”

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#ShopTheLook - @chinkcapone_ In Our "Reign" Crest Tee (S-2XL) SR-NY.COM (LinkInBio) 136 Irving Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11237 (B/w Dekalb & Hart.)

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Northern Idaho is the perfect place to chill 😎 Click the link in the bio for six ways to beat the heat ☝️ #VisitIdaho ——————————————— 🏔 Idaho is full of adventures. We ask that when you visit that you act as a good steward of the land and practice responsible recreation.
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If my peers win, I win so I’m rooting for you 📸✊🏾💯

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Little city. Big city ——— I just got off a very productive and much needed call with @pedramghozat We spoke about a ton, but one thing we both both agreed on is the perception of New York. ——— New York is made out to be this place where dreams come true, a land of opportunities, a legend and a myth. While it may be all of these things, there’s one crucial aspect that a lot of people leave out... ——— You. ——— You make you dreams come true in this city. ——— You find the opportunities. ——— You turn what would be a regular city into a legend. ——— It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what your current situation is. ——— If YOU don’t put in the work, if YOU don’t look for that next big thing then there will be no legend. ——— Forget about the “if only” statement. ——— “If only” I was in a bigger city. “If only” I knew more important people. “If only” they gave me chance. ——— Work on YOU, and you will succeed. Also for those who care. This shot was taken on my iPhone.

3 hours ago

picked up an old film camera to play around with. i just went through my first roll, and needless to say, it was pretty fun. #yashicaelectro35 #35mm

9 hours ago

За доску спасибо @dimadima1st Впереди ещё 2 дэки и куча идей