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1 hour ago

Some of my favorite shots from Thursday’s sunset in Piqua. Which on is your favorite? I really love the reflection shots at the COOP. The last shot of my wife’s afro is pretty fun as well. It was such a wonderful evening! I forgot to mention that it started out with a bike ride out to the farm with the Iola community bike ride group.

1 week ago

Did you watch the #sunset last night? Did you watch the #lightning last night? Did you watch a big tree limb fall outside your bedroom window last night? I did! It was kind of funny how it all worked out. I went on a 20 mile long bike ride and I was completely exhausted when I got home except the sunset was gorgeous that I immediately hopped in the car to drive out to the country and capture these sunset photos. Then I spent time with my wife. Last thing before bed I needed to go put the cars in before the impending storm which meant I actually had to clean the driveway to be able to put a car in the garage and another under the covered driveway. While I was moving cars my truck happened to be running and pointing down the driveway. That seemed to correspond nicely to my desire to go watch the lightning that I had noticed to the north and so I did. I drove a couple miles north into the country and really enjoyed watching the spectacular lightning storm. There was no sound as the storm was probably at least 30 miles away. Then I went back home and went to bed. I’m not sure if I fell asleep or not before a major gust front came through and startled me with its ferocity. (after all I was a roofer on this house and the builder of my covered driveway so I will know who built it) The wind was blowing like crazy and it wound up knocking a large tree branch against the side of the house so I opened the shade to look out just in time to watch the wind blow the branch/tree out away from the house and down to the ground, thankfully without hurting the gutter or the shingles on its way down. I guess you could say it was a pretty exciting evening!

1 week ago

We are working on a project representative of East Topeka, and are looking for members of these communities for ideas and insight. If you would like to participate, or if you know someone who would, we kindly request that you complete a short form on our website. Click the link in our bio for complete details.

2 weeks ago

This evening’s sunset from the edge of town. Glad to be back in beautiful Kansas. Two beautiful sunsets in a row since we’ve been back!!

2 weeks ago

Enjoyed taking in a beautiful Kansas waterfall this evening with family and friends. I thought it was a good idea since it rained almost 5” last night. I’m sure it was absolutely spectacular this morning but oh well at least it was flowing at all. Pretty cool to have such a beautiful place only 35 minutes away.

2 weeks ago

Parents: Not only are you teaching your kids the importance of caring for animals, you're teaching them to respect animals, their competitors, judges, and their hard work and time. We know this is a lot for you right now, but your kids will be better humans in the future because of all you do for them. Keep that up. #countyfairs #kansascountyfair #myksfarmlife .⁠ .⁠ County Fair Highlights!! #prairieimagesphotography #meadecountyfair #4hlife #4h #southwestkansas #onlyinkansas #ruralamerica #ag4you #ksag #afbfshare #igkansas #4hgrowshere #4hgrowshere #kansasphotographer #kansasphotography #southwestkansas #myksfarmlife #noplacelikeks #onlyinkansas #agriculture #mykansasfarmlife #igkansas #aroundkansas #ag4you #ksag #afbfshare ( #📷 @therustyjunker )

2 weeks ago

These lady's finished up a barrel series last night, has been an absolute joy learning about the sport and crazy awesome watching the power, speed, and skill of these riders and horses.... more races and rodeo to come for me 😁 #racing #kansas #saddleclub #horseback #race #kansasisbeautiful #lovewhereyoulive #kansasmag #noplacelikeks #igkansas #aroundkansas #kansas_of_insta #everydayadventures #kansas_lovers #kansastourism #rodeo #rodeogirls #barrelracing #riding #horsebackriding #horse

4 weeks ago

Stick with this series! It gets better. At least in my opinion gets better. I never know which shots to post. Do you think it gets better? Which one is your favorite? The lake is only a few minutes away from our place in KCK. The dam itself is at least 10 minutes away. If you don’t know about this place you should learn. Wyandotte County Lake is a very beautiful place. And yes, this is Kansas!

1 month ago

I stumbled across these photos yesterday evening talking to friends about how cool Kansas is. I don’t feel like I ever really shared these as much as I should have. So I’m sharing them again or possibly for the first time. I’m not sure how many I shared before. Anyway, which one is your favorite? Are you as excited about Little Jerusalem opening this fall as I am? I’m sure it’s similar but even more impressive! This is the badland area at Castle Rock. This spectacular area is only 30 minutes south of Quinter! You should definitely take this detour on the way to Colorado! These shots are from early April on my way out to Colorado for a late spring ski trip.

1 month ago

A new perspective on the Drinkwater & Schriver Mill in Cedar Point, Kansas for me. This was last night at the tail end of the blue hour by the lights of my Tacoma. It was a beautiful sunset. I wish I had my camera with me. This was taken with my iPhone Xs. If you are ever driving down Highway 50 you should always stop here. It’s less than 1 mile off the highway. I’m telling you this because I drove by this for 20 years many hundreds of times without stopping. I won’t do it again! These tiny detours greatly improve your quality of life. I guarantee it or your money back!

1 month ago

My incredible drive home yesterday evening! It was no small miracle that I was only 30 minutes late getting home 😂 - - Which shot is your favorite? I can’t decide 🤷‍♂️

1 month ago

Did your sunset look like this? If not you should move to southeast Kansas.

1 month ago

Some honey at our farmers market last Thursday evening. I wish I could be there but I’m in Kansas City for the rest of this week. If you’re there make sure you go to the community band concert tonight!

1 month ago

I sure love our municipal band concerts during the summer! I’m pretty sure it will be 150 years old next year!

1 month ago

Tonight’s sunset at the farm. I was considering making a corny joke about the corn but I thought better of it.

1 month ago

(39.1322561, -96.5403615) — The #KonzaPrairie is located within the largest remaining area of unplowed #TallgrassPrairie in North America, the #FlintHills. The 8,616 acre preserve is located south of #Manhattan , #Kansas and north of Interstate 70. "Konza" is an alternative name for the Kansa or Kaw Indians who inhabited the area until the mid-19th century. — It has a continental climate characterized by warm, wet summers and dry, cold winters. Average annual precipitation is sufficient to support woodland or savanna vegetation; consequently, drought, fire and grazing are important in maintaining this grassland. The site is topographically complex with an elevation range from 1050 to 1457 ft. In addition to the dominant tallgrass prairie, Konza contains forest, claypan, shrub and riparian communities. #Limestone outcrops are found throughout the landscape. — Konza supports a diverse mix of species including 576 vascular plants, 31 mammals, 208 bird species, 34 types of reptiles and amphibians, 20 kinds of fish, and over 700 types of invertebrates. A herd of approximately 300 bison is maintained on the #Konza , and native white-tailed deer and wild turkey are often present in large numbers. — #KINFOLK_travels_KANSAS #KSBucketList #NoPlaceLikeKS

1 month ago

Sundown in #Alma #KS after a day in the #FlintHills. 🌿☀️🌻 — The Flint Hills, historically known as Bluestem Pastures or Blue Stem Hills, are a region in eastern #Kansas and north-central #Oklahoma named for the abundant residual flint eroded from the bedrock that lies near or at the surface. #TheFlintHills Ecoregion is designated as a distinct region because it has the most dense coverage of intact #TallgrassPrairie in North America. — Due to its rocky soil, the early settlers were unable to plow the area, resulting in the predominance of cattle ranches, which are in turn largely benefited by the tallgrass prairie. #onlyinkansas — A must-see for all #KansasHistory lovers is the Flint Hills Discovery Center ( @discoverfhdc ), a science and history museum in @downtownmhk. #NoPlaceLikeKS

1 month ago

Enjoyed a wonderful fireworks display over the lake after the community band concert last night. I sure love small-town living!

1 month ago

(39.9795043, -101.7853545) — The #ArikareeBreaks are located on the extreme northern edge of #CheyenneCounty , in the northwestern corner of the state of #Kansas. The breaks, with its deep ravines and gullies, is in marked contrast to the plains generally associated with the area. — The breaks were formed by wind deposited sand, silt and clay particles, called loess. After deposition, the loess has undergone spectacular processes of head cutting and side wall cutting the advancing tributaries of the #ArikareeRiver and the South Fork of the #RepublicanRiver. — The Arikaree Breaks are a finalist for the 8 Wonders of Kansas. Follow the dirt roadways northwest and explore them for yourself! — #KINFOLK_travels_KANSAS #KSBucketList #NoPlaceLikeKS

1 month ago

Our family is devoting some serious time this summer to see Kansas, again. My wife @klisbona and our awesome kiddos hit the road to rediscover the #SunflowerState. #KansasHistory + #FamilyTime = #QualityTime and our crew does everything together! So you’ll see LOTS of photos featuring Kristin as she (graciously) supports the family business by being our t-shirt model! (Thank you Kris!) — Featured here are the #ArikareeBreaks in northwest #Kansas. These #CheyenneCounty badlands are like no other in the State. Truly unique and not typically associated with the #WheatState. Come see them for yourself!

1 month ago

Thanks for all the input about which crop to post! The voting was incredibly close but this one won! I included photos from the making of this shot. Check out all of them! I went to an event put on by Friends of Maxwell with a group of Great Plains Nature Photographers on a frigid Friday evening before their annual seminar last November in McPherson, KS. It was so fun! I met @run_quiltgirl_run , @st53curr , @jim_l_griggs , @tomstybrphoto and @mforsbergphoto who was the seminar speaker extraordinaire. That’s also when I learned about the incredible @plattebasin time lapse project. Make sure to check all these people out! It is a great group!

1 month ago

It was a very cool evening at Neosho Falls! There were some isolated thunderstorms building to the west so I drove out that way. They unfortunately dissipated but the sun went behind this one cloud just right for this vantage point from the bridge. It was great! The river is still super high by the way!