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I wanted to throw it back to our first day when these babies were tiny. On the way back to Utah from Oregon, Jeff and I both started crying because we already loved these tiny little kittens so much. We drove in the car, tears streaming down both of our faces because we realized how lucky we were to have these babies in our lives.

10 minutes ago

"Honey, dinner's ready." | "Okay. I'm coming."

11 minutes ago

Good morning! 👀

13 minutes ago

D penyabar cat, wen cust come over she will just sit there n wait patiently. ❤❤ Session ends, time for playtime... #catslife #homebased

19 minutes ago

In this house, this is my throne

22 minutes ago

Cats are inquisitive, but hate to admit it.. #catslife

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🆎💯 new informations about my cat🐈🐾 📳give me a great comment💬🔥🔸◾ @cats_friends_forever ◾ . 🔸😺 #lovely_miaw 😺 . 🔸Best group of cats lover🐾 . 🆗You're featured now💯✔ . ıllıllı ⓒⓐⓣⓢ ıllıllı

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34 minutes ago

28 Days of Terri Day 17: Terri is a great companion when you're sick. I am dedicating February to finding a home for Terri.  I mean seriously look at this girl and wonder how has she not found a home yet? She has been looking for a home for a few yrs now and none of it has been her fault.  She is practically a perfect cat.  Her only thing is food allergies that are easily maintained with the right diet and people are turned off because she is a senior cat. Please share this girl, she needs a home! It's freezing out there and what a better way to stay warm than snuggling with this girl. Terri is about 10yrs old, has her eartip from her days on the street and is seriously just the sweetest girl ever. Terri really really really needs a forever home. She has been bounced around foster homes for way to long and none of them her fault.  She can be placed with dogs or other sweet mellow cats. Terri is the last cat to find a home from the recent passing of my best friend.  It hurt my friend so much that she couldn't find this amazing cat a home she deserves.  Please help make that dream come true She recently had perfect bloodwork & a dental.  Only 3 teeth remain but her foster family said she is eating great and just the sweetest cat ever. #28daysofterri #instacat #brooklyncats #brooklyncat #dailypic #catslife #cats #catsofinstagram #catlover #rescuecatsrock #rescuecat #adoptdontshop #adoptdontshop #catslife #catoftheday #smartcat #eartippedcat #hillaryscats #tuxedocatsofig #tuxedocats #tuxedocatsrule #seniorcat #seniorcatsrock #needsahome #adoptacat #catoftheday #catsofbrooklyn #tuxedocatsofig #tuxedocats #tuxedocatsrule #tuxedocatsofinstagram #tuxedocatlove

44 minutes ago

🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶🐱🐶 Who said pet carriers couldn't be stylish? 😍 • • • • • • 🐶 M o d e r n P e t 🐱

50 minutes ago

I’m watching every little thing you are doing hooman.

53 minutes ago

My cat takes better selfies than me.. 👀 . . .

59 minutes ago

Just chillin out at home playing hide and seek. My mummy is still trying to breathe normally from the scare i gave her. (And rubbish i collected) #catslife #catsoninstagram #worldofcats