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Oregon State University Graduate Student Jason Beasley discusses his PhD research project. Jason's research explores private coastal land-use decisions in Oregon to alter the coastline through the installation of beachfront protective structures, and the implications of creating policies to regulate these structures. ⁠ ⁠ See the Oregon State University Applied Economics YouTube page for the full video!⁠ ⁠ #appliedeconomics #oregoncoast #phdresearch #coastalflooding #erosion #oregon #pnw #oregonexplored #beach #ocean #pacificnorthwest #landuse #topography

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I Went On A (SSR) Mission Last Week And I Did What I Could Before The Levee Started To Over Flow Luckly I Got Out Of NOLA Just In Time And Was Able To Transport The Generator Up A Couple Of Stairs. In Times Like This I Highly Urge The State Of Louisiana To Take Concern For Coastal Erosion Because Every Year We Lose Almost 10% Land Due To These Storms And High Flood Waters. #PROTECTOURWETLANDS #PROTECT #WETLAND #ENVIRONMENT #EDUCATION #COASTAL #EROSION #WETLANDS #BARRY #TROPICALSTORM #HURRICANE #2019 #LOCAL #STATE #FEDERAL #LOUISIANA #NOLA #CHANGE #DOBETTER #FAILINGSTATE

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Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der #DBG und #BGS 2019. Vom 24. bis 29. August in #Bern findet die grosse, gemeinsame Tagung der Deutschen und Schweizer Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaften statt. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch. Congrès conjointe de la DBG et de la #SSP 2019 Du 24 au 29 août 2019 aura lieu la grande conférence conjointe des sociétés #pédologiques allemande et suisse. #soils #soil #soilscience #soilcongress #erosioncontrol #soil #sol #farming #Boden #Bodenschutz #Erosion #Biodiversität #Klimaschutz #Naturgefahren #Drainage #Melioration #pedalogia #pedologie #eurosoil

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Quand on parle de mieux consommer, c'est aussi pour permettre de mieux produire 🌾 Je vois des champs à perte de vue sur des centaines de km : sans haies, sans arbres, sans végétation autre que de la culture intensive et ça me casse les jambes au sens propre comme au figuré 😓 #developpementdurable #ecosystem #nature #erosion #igersstrasbourg

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Wie geht es unseren Kleinen? Trockenheit und Hitze in den Alpen - Unsere Bergbäume der Südseite schaffen es oft nicht mehr, genügend Wasser aufzunehmen und so die Borkenkäfernester herauszudrücken. Sie sterben und müssen gefällt werden. Der Verlust ist groß, umso mehr freut es, wenn Jungbäume hochkommen. Doch auch sie sind den neuen Klimabedingungen ausgesetzt. Haben sie zu wenig Wasser zum Wachsen, müssen auch sie sterben. Der Boden erodiert und ein Nachwuchs wird immer unwahrscheinlicher. So verlieren wir unsere Wälder. Die Pflanzung robusterer Arten wird immer wichtiger. Jede Klimaschutzmaßnahme - klein oder groß - ist ein Segen für die Bergwälder. Für den Schutz und Erhalt der Bergwälder. #waldschutz #klimawandel #klimawandelstoppen #bäume #alpen #baum #baumschutz #erosion #sauerstoff #atmen #naturschutz #umweltschutz

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‘Sang ghar’ literally translates to ‘a house on stilts’ - Stilts, the saviour, a typical form of structure extensively used by villagers on the periphery of the island to negate the rising water levels of the temperamental Brahmaputra river, is a way of life for many islanders to withstand the fury of nature, but adapting is a game the islanders understood a very long time ago. Stilts, from bamboo to concrete, signs of progression or regression, bamboo one of the strongest natural materials available in abundance on the island is used as the main foundation for a large majority of the island, but with time, cement is taking its place, because it’s considered ‘moving with time’ and “permanent”, but not necessarily a wise choice especially for villages on the edge as it’s prone to yearly floods destroying a lot in its path, hence making concrete more dangerous if it collapses and having bamboo a cheaper and robust way to keep rebuilding if need be, so using nature to counter nature, a motto many, especially tribals on the island adhere by. Photograph : I have witnessed this exact site under construction for over a year from multiple trips I took from 2017 and 2018, the weather and cost being major factors for the delay, alternatively a good affordable bamboo hutment takes less than 3 weeks, if not less, to construct. Series - ‘Withering’ ; The 2018 Chapter, produced with the help of @habitatphotosphere #india #assam #climatechange #flood #river #brahmaputra #erosion #monsoon #survival #huts #livelihood #nyt #timemagazine #wsj #natgeo #rain #destruction #sony #sonyrx100v #construction #concrete #tribal #culture #cement

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Los bosques son ecosistemas imprescindibles para la vida. 🌲🍃 Estos regulan nuestro clima y como sabemos o, los árboles absorben el dióxido de carbono 🏭 que exhalamos 👃 , y proporcionan el oxígeno 💨 que necesitamos para respirar; además ayudan a prevenir la erosión al igual que proveen un hogar para poblaciones indígenas 🏕. #Ecoplan #cuida #todojuntos #bosques #ecología #contaminación #erosion Forests are essential ecosystems for life. 🌲🍃 These regulate our climate and as we know or, trees absorb the carbon dioxide 🏭 we exhale y, and provide the oxygen 💨 we need to breathe; they also help prevent erosion as well as provide a home for indigenous populations 🏕.

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If your going to install #erosion control, make sure it’s in the most beautiful place of ever!

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There has been a lot of discussion about Malibu in the weeks since LA County Beaches & Harbors dropped a dozen 2-ton boulders on the beach to keep the historic Wall at First Point from slipping into the sea. While this emergency situation could've been avoided with proactive planning and resource management, it has served to catalyze the community around short and long-term solutions that we can all (mostly) agree upon. On July 8th, the Malibu City Council unanimously approved staff recommendations to issue an RFP (Request for Proposal) for a hydrological study of Malibu Lagoon and a coastal morphology study of Surfrider Beach. In addition, Council directed City staff to issue an LCPA (Local Coastal Plan Amendment) for a lagoon management plan. These are critical steps in what will be a long process to address chronic erosion at Surfrider Beach. See @surfrider 's official statement in our latest blog, linked in our profile☝️ 📷 by SFLA drone op, @coastalscientist #humaliwu #malibu #erosion #thewall #firstpoint #malibulagoon #malibucreek #adamsonhouse #BringBackTheBeach #ProtectThePoint

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Work in progress, feeling my feet in a new studio! Pairing back, zooming in even closer on erosion.

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Something a bit more abstract. The path too traveled?

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Reuzenbalsemien - Impatiens glandulifera Staat op de lijst van invasieve exoten en is in ongenade gevallen. Deze oorspronkelijk uit de Himalaya afkomstige 'armeluis orchidee' mag niet meer verhandeld en aangeplant worden omdat het door de hoeveelheid zaad en voor insecten aanlokkelijke geur een oneerlijke concurrent is voor inheemse planten. Het risico is dat deze plant andere soorten van oevers verdrijft en 's winters een kale grond achterlaat die gevoelig is voor erosie. Dat kunnen we natuurlijk niet hebben in dit deltalandje. #balsemien #springbalsemien #invasive #impatiensglandulifera #himalaya #smellflower #pinkflower #forbiddenflower #erosion

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Pedernales Falls at 150 cfs. A dramatic series of 3 steps in the Pedernales River. The river has cut through two sections of Cretaceous limestone-Sycamore and Cow creek to expose a much older limestone at 320 million years-Marble Falls. Particularly on last step, the river has created an elaborate set of channels and voids. Seeing the river in flood is truly memorable since it covers the entire width yet remains in a channel from the opposing cliffs. The USGS gauge at Johnson City needs to reading about 1250 cfs or a Gage height of 14-15ft. Easier to approach from Johnson City than 290 due to fewer low water crossings. With Nature Conservancy assistance, Texas purchased the falls as part of a 5,,000+ acre ranch transaction in the 1970s. #pedernalesfalls #pedernales #johnsoncity #limestone #cretaceous #glenrose #sycamore #cowcreek #falls #erosion #marblefalls #bureauofeconomicgeology #river #texas #texasparksandwildlife #natureconservancy #hillcountry

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We complete our projects in an environmentally responsible manner and in accordance with all federal and state regulations. Our focus remains on operating success while ensuring a safe working environment for our employees!

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Greenfix are the UK stockist of the original cellular confinement system from Presto Geosystems®, Geoweb®. Geoweb® is suitable for applications such as Tree Root Protection, Channel and Slope Protection, Load Support and Earth Retention. Along with our team of engineers, Greenfix is able to assist from initial design stages right through to installation to ensure your project runs smoothly. #geoweb #cellularconfinement #loadsupport #treerootprotection #erosion #erosioncontrol

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Around 330 million years ago the North American continent collided with the African continent, creating Pangea and the largest mountains in the history of the world. You could walk Morocco to New Jersey, or from Florida to Sierra Leone.. More recent mountain ranges (50 million years) like India colliding with Asia has created the Himalayan Range with 10 of the 14 highest peaks at the moment, including Everest. Given Earths gravity and the mass of mountains they will eventually sink into the crust, maxing out at around 30,000 feet. Everest now rises to 29,029’ . Mt. Mitchell currently sits at 6,684’ . Scientists believe that 300 million years ago, Mt Mitchell was the tallest mountain to ever exist. More than 4 miles taller than it is today. Taller than the Himalayan’s and the Alps #erosion #thanksforcomingtomytedtalk

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Yehliu Geopark ⛰🇹🇼 Yehliu Geopark is found in Yehliu, a cape on the north coast of Taiwan. It’s a landscape of honeycomb and mushroom rocks eroded by the sea with well-known formations named for their shapes such as 1. the Queen’s Head and 2. Dragon’s Head. The park is also home to birds such as ospreys and little egrets. The stratum of Yehliu is mainly composed of sedimentary rocks; the formation of sea bays is due to the impact of sea erosion on softer rock layers, while those hard and solid ones may therefore turn into sea capes eventually. The prospect as presented from a long distance view of Yehliu Cape is like a turtle crouching down by the sea; therefore, the cape is also called “Yehliu Turtle”. In the olden days, Yehliu was a key channel of the trade route between mainland China and Keelung harbor. Yet, the waters around the area were torrential and dangerous, and often caused serious shipwrecks. Interesting to know: a legend was told that once a turtle elf was making trouble in the sea. A fairy was dispatched by Jade Emperor to tame the turtle elf. The fairy was riding an elephant with a sword in her hand. When she arrived, she yelled at the turtle and said, “What a naughty turtle; how dare you do such evil things and kill so many innocent people. I, bestowed with the power of this holly sword, shall punish you and you shall have no way to escape.” The turtle elf was seriously hurt then. After that, whenever the weather changes, people may notice a strand of smoke permeating through the air at Yehliu Cape. And that’s when you’ll hear local people say. “look, the half-dead turtle is making its last breath again”. @klooktravel offers transportation and guide for better appreciation of the geopark. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #yehliu #taiwan #wanderlust #wander #travel #traveler #asian #pinoy #asiantraveler #travel #travelblogger #asianguy #asian #pinoy #f4f #travelphotography #smile #travelgram #roamtheplanet #asiantour #travelphoto #igers #travelgram #traveling #restlessfeetph #yehliugeopark #geology #whenintaiwan #erosion #weathering #rock #rocks #rockformation #geopark