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@afspnational   American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 💙 In crisis? ☎️ Call 1-800-273-TALK or 📲 text TALK to 741741

9 hours ago

Whatever you're feeling today, it'd valid! Struggling? Take some time to practice self-care, have a #RealConvo with someone you trust, or reach out to a mental health professional. You got this! 💚 🎨 : @comicbookheart

6 days ago

We're excited for our 70 #OutoftheDarkness Community Walks happening this weekend! If you're walking with us this weekend, tag @afspnational and we'll share your photos to our Story! 🚶

1 week ago

Feelings of isolation or loneliness can take many forms. When you or someone you love is experiencing loneliness, it could be time for a #RealConvo. A lifetime of managing mental health experiences, like isolation, can start with one open and honest conversation with a loved one about how it feels 🧡

1 week ago

It's time to get a #RealConvo started about mental health! How do you manage your mental health, even when you're not feeling you best? Share your answers in the comments below! 👇

1 week ago

Not everyone experiences depression in the same way. Even one honest conversation can be the first step to managing your mental health. When you’re feeling depression, who do you have a #RealConvo with? Tag them below! 👇💙

1 week ago

As #WorldSuicidePreventionDay comes to a close, we want to thank everyone for sharing our resources with your friends, families, and communities. Together, we can create a world without suicide. 🎨 : @amber_vittoria

1 week ago

We're calling on every single one of you to help us #StopSuicide. As one of the leading causes of death in this country, suicide is a public health crisis. By creating a culture that’s smart about mental health, advocating for legislative policies that make suicide prevention a priority, and funding innovative research, we can save lives. Check out our story for ways in get involved this #WorldSuicidePreventionDay ! 🎨 : @prettyboy_zhao

1 week ago

Anxiety is common and can look differently for everyone. Managing mental health can start with just one honest conversation with someone you love. Who do you have a #RealConvo with about how it feels when you’re having a hard time? Tag your friends below! 💚👇

1 week ago

Today begins National Suicide Prevention Week! Get involved by downloading, sharing, and spreading awareness for suicide prevention and mental health right from our #NSPW19 toolkit! Link in bio 👆

2 weeks ago

Music can be the perfect escape—but when you’re going through something, sometimes what you really need is a friend. If you've noticed a friend isn't acting like themselves, we encourage you to reach out and have an honest conversation about mental health. 💛 @jedfoundation @adcouncil Learn more at @seizetheawkward

2 weeks ago

We've invested $6.2M in scientific research to prevent suicide. These studies will provide us with an even deeper understanding of suicide to support our prevention efforts! 🙌 #Science2StopSuicide Check out our story and swipe up to read all about the new grants! 🧬🧪

2 weeks ago

It's okay if you're not feeling super today. Even superheroes need to take a break for their mental health sometimes. 💜 🎨 : @comicbookheart