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1 week ago

It’s not all success folks! This entire glaze kiln didn’t fire all the way to cone 8, and all pieces will need to be loaded once again, after we figure out what caused the kiln malfunction. This has happened before and we’ve managed to refire all work successfully. The last preorders will go out by the end of next week! Let’s hope I don’t need to remake an entire batch of landscape designs🤯🤞🤞 #forestceramic #handmade #landscapedesign #colored #porcelain #ceramics #clay #design #designlove #designlover #pnwartist

1 week ago

I find this step of my process so satisfying! I can look at the bottoms of my marbled pieces all day! Ever since I started making my wares, I’ve been stamping them with this sketch of mine and the company name. And if we open up a conversation about branding, in my opinion it’s critical for artist to leave their traceable signature on the bottom. What do you think? People will loose your business cards but as long as they have your piece, they will never loose your contact. Do you always check out the bottom of a ceramic piece? I know all my ceramics fellas on here do. You should see us sitting down at a restaurant table. We always need to know where pieces came from and most times I’m sure we look like crazy for the rest of the people dining. 😂 #forestceramic #handmade #colored #porcelain #stamping #porcelain #bisque #ceramics #smallbusinessowner #design #designer #lovedesign #processvideo

1 week ago

Meet the namesake of Forest Ceramic!! I just revisited the Forest Roberts Theater at NMU, which was named after my great-grandfather. Forest was a theater professor here, a huge supporter of the arts, a role model for thousands of students over the years, and gave me my middle name!! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned to you all about how I chose the name for my business. It is a family name, but I also love the natural connotation of Forest as analogue to “The Woods”. My inspiration comes primarily from nature and the designs that Mother Earth creates— I try to make designs that evoke the natural patterns of water, layers of earth, landscapes and planets. I thank Forest for his name, for his legacy in the Arts, for teaching and inspiring other to learn (which turned most of my family into academics and psychologists 😅), for his calm and sweet demeanor. I didn’t know him for long, but he was a hell of a man! All of us have friends and family who support and inspire us, who does it for you!?!? #family #forestroberts #forestceramic #legacy #arts #theater #forestrobertstheatre #marquettemichigan #nmu #northernmichiganuniversity #roots #nature

2 weeks ago

A shipment today from @peterpincusporcelain makes me so happy!! Our collection has grown by 2, the third is for a friend on the island. How amazing is this guy’s technique and precision!! A little ASMR unwrapping for your enjoyment on the second slide 😂, and the third is a small sample of our ever-growing collection of cups, mugs, and vases!! It is on the list to inventory our collection, and set up an area to showcase them all to share. Too busy right now to tag everyone, but I swear we will get to it eventually!! For now, bathing in the beauty of these Pincus forms, and gotta get back to casting!! #ceramicscollection #potterycollector #handmade #peterpincus #porcelain #coloredporcelain #somuchpottery

2 weeks ago

Playing with syringes today! 🤣 #sundayfundayatwork A natural gradient is made with multiple colors in the syringe! This is follow up testing from the first experiment a month or so ago, finished piece in the second slide. I was really excited about it, and so far I’ve found it’s incredibly hard to control! What do you all think? I’m having fun, but not sure I can reproducible results! Worth pursuing? I’m excited to try the whole rainbow! 🌈🌈 #forestceramic #experimentalceramics #coloredporcelain #slipcast #syringe #gradients #ceramicprocess #testing #newdesign #myjobisfun #entrepreneur #handmade #porcelain #ceramics

3 weeks ago

#throwbackthursday I often get asked if I make plates. The truth is I made a custom set awhile back for @hogstoneswoodoven on Orcas island. I had lots of issues with my mold concept. It was a nightmare getting successful pieces out of the mold without ending up with issues. It’s been long on my list to get back to making plates but first I need redesign the mold to be able to make my marbled designs on the surface. Do you want to see @forestceramicco PLATES out in the world? After the holidays I will have the time to spend few weeks working on new shapes and tableware. Exciting things to come! Thank you all for your continuous support and love! #forestceramic #coloredporcelain #handmade #ceramics #porcelain #plate #plates #makersgonnamake #design #foodpresentation #foodlovers #farmtotable #pnwresturaunts

4 weeks ago

Yaaaay! 🤣 Such an awesome first day of my mold making workshop @claybythebaysf !! Got two pieces of this three-piece bottle mold made as a demo, I always have a blast teaching excited students! Thank you @sarahglass_ceramics for taking all the videos today!! Missing my other half @valeri_aleksandrov , that’s usually his role, and the whole studio was super bummed that the @claypuppies didn’t make it this time around... 🐻🐻 #forestceramic #moldmaking #workshop #slipcasting #sanfrancisco #teach #preach #claybythebaysf #ceramicprocess