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@forestceramicco See full size profile   Experimental Studio/ Colored Porcelain Designs 2019 workshops announced @claybythebaysf 🌈Next stock update Fri. 6/28 2pm PST🌈

15 hours ago

Would you help me name this new design? They were the biggest hit @urbancraftuprising and I only have 6 of them left for the update on Friday. Finished photographing all the work and writing the Newsletter. So excited for my annual rainbow update! 🌈😆❤️ Lots of new things are making debut on the website. Make sure you are on the mailing list to get the preview. #forestceramic #handmade #coloredporcelain #handmadeceramics #rainbowdesign #makersgonnamake #pottery #porcelain #smallbusinessowner

20 hours ago

Don’t mind the sound of @valeri_aleksandrov carving away this custom teacup! We love the choice of colors and the contrast and had to share a short video. If you had 3 colors in mind, what would you choose to layer for a custom design? Let us hear from you! Unleash your colors in comments ❤️🌈 And May be some will appear in a video post next time 😃 Today we’ll be busy taking pictures and getting ready for our rainbow update coming up Friday June 28. Make sure you are on the mailing list. Preview will be sent tomorrow afternoon with all available work and giveaway winner will be picked randomly from the mailing list and will receive a rainbow tumbler 🙏🌈 Thank you all so much for your kindness and support! ❤️ . . #forestceramic #handmadeceramics #coloredporcelain #functional #handmade #makersmovement #ceramics #porcelain #oddlysatisfying #smallbusiness

1 day ago

Counting Rainbows as we unpack and get ready for the rainbow update, which will be this Friday, June 28th! There will be a few new column vase forms, a couple double walled mugs, and this year’s stock of Pints and Tumblers. I hoped to have more than 10 of each tumbler, to allow more people to get a chance at the rainbows, but time ran out! June is Pride month, and there are more projects to get caught up on, so let the rainbows commence! 🌈🌈 A preview will be sent to the email list on Thursday, and the stock will go live on Friday at 2pm PST sharp! Lots of pictures and website updating to do in the next couple days, let’s get to work! #forestceramic #porcelain #handmade #pride #prideupdate #handmadeceramics #design #rainbows #designer #modernhome #colorkitchen #smallbatch #makersmovement

6 days ago

Packing for @urbancraftuprising Summer Show this weekend!! How much of each style to bring?? So excited for this show, it is one of my favorites, so many talented artisans from the PNW and beyond! If you’re in Seattle, or know someone who is, definitely don’t miss out! Free to attend, at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall on Mercer Ave. and open 11am to 5pm both days. Hope to see you there! #forestceramic #porcelain #makersmovement #supportlocal #urbancraftuprising #seattle #seattleevents #handmade

1 week ago

Bulgaria has been fantastic, but excited to get back to the island in a few days! This photo is courtesy of my employee Katie, who has been working in the studio and taking care of the puppies while we are away (she and Lauren are the best!). A number of these vases just came out of the kiln, and are the first of the new smaller column vase forms! Excited to get back to an immediate show in Seattle @urbancraftuprising June 22-23rd, then launching the June 🌈🌈 website update, exact date TBD. It will be a busy return to reality, and excited for it!! Vacations are great, but I like my work too, and it’s been a long time away from the studio!! 😄 #forestceramic #vases #porcelain #makersmovement #smallbusinessowner #🌈 #pride #rainbows #rainbowceramics #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #handmade

2 weeks ago

It’s called #шарене . We took this video of traditional Bulgarian pottery patterning today, while visiting Kovachevi factory in Debnevo, Bulgaria. We took lots of video of all steps of the process, with plans to make a mini documentary about the traditional Bulgarian patterning methods, and also how new technology is being used. Like other counties in the Balkans that share similar slip decoration techniques, most patterns done by women. Here is a little history of the pottery of this region and how it led to their techniques: *** From the Bulgarian National Radio: “The ancient Thracians who used to live in what is Bulgaria today, replaced the manual pottery making with the pottery wheel in 7-6 c. BC. Given brisk trade and cultural contacts with classical Hellas, Thracian pottery displayed some influences from the Hellenic masters. With the migration of the Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians to the Balkans, the legacy of the Thracian pottery was diversified. Close to two centuries after the Bulgarian state in the Balkans was founded in 681, skilled potters in the capital of Veliki Preslav became famous for their decorative ceramics. Their articles are impressive with the techniques used and their style of decoration placing among the best medieval fictile masterpieces. In 12-14 c. ceramic art in Bulgaria developed even faster. Some of its characteristics include floral elements, geometric shapes while the depiction of animal and human figures was rare. Color-wise, the green, yellow, ochre and brown hints dominate. During the first centuries of Ottoman rule, pottery faced a major decline in the Bulgarian lands. Starting in 17 c. however, it began to recover and develop anew. In 1911 a ceramic school opened doors in the town of Troyan, Central Northern Bulgaria.” #bulgarian #traditional #pottery #making #patterning #traditions #piapottersinaction #colored #clay #handmade #design #българия #ceramics #satisfying

3 weeks ago

We’d like to take a moment and say thank you to @diamondcoretools and @dolantools for making bad ass tools! The variety of tools is what has allowed us to develop so many carved designs through the years, and they have worked with us to create new tools that have different functions! Both companies are family run businesses, that have showed so much kindness to our Ceramic community. We’d like to show our support and give them a shoutout for their original designs, no matter how many copy cats try to rip off their products! It has happened to both companies recently, and I have to think some of the fault can be attributed to our viral videos, making knock offs seem like a business opportunity to someone. But they are not made equal, and we will continue to support and recommend the original designers! #dolantools #diamondcoretools #supportoriginal #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #ceramics #tools #handmade #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #madeinamerica