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6 hours ago

This large icon merges biblical images of the Resurrection with themes of Heaven, Hell, and final judgement. Wearing golden robes and wreathed in light, the resurrected Christ appears twice in this icon—a distinctly Russian iconographic trait. In the center of the composition, Christ releases the righteous dead from Hades, and near the bottom right He stands in his open sarcophagus with ranks of angels behind him.

1 day ago

#PolBury 's "Punctuation (Ponctuation)" (1961, pictured on the left) is a kinetic sculpture propelled by a concealed electric motor. As is the case here, it is typical for Bury's sculptures to have unexpected and irregular motion that can evoke an unsettling feeling. When activated, the nylon threads in "Punctuation" move very slightly in random intervals. Viewers must look carefully to see the thin tendrils in motion. The sculpture is activated each day the museum is open (Wednesday through Sunday) at 12:30 p.m. for 30 minutes. #RediscoverMenil

2 days ago

This week's #BlackHistoryMonth artist feature is American artist #AlmaThomas. Thomas, who worked almost exclusively in paint, developed her distinct style of abstraction in Washington, DC, after retiring from a 35 year career as a public school art teacher at age 70. This small drawing from circa 1969 measures just 9 by 9 inches and was made in advance of a larger version on canvas. It is currently on view in the modern galleries in our main museum building. #RediscoverMenil

3 days ago

This evening at 7 p.m. in the #MenilDrawingInstitute , you are invited to celebrate the opening of the first part of the two part exhibition, "Roni Horn: When I Breathe, I Draw." The presentation will feature Horn’s encompassing drawings, some over ten feet tall. They belie their scale through the artist's intricate passages of jotted notes. This program is free and open to everyone. #RoniHorn

3 days ago

Happy #ValentinesDay ! This heart-shaped sculpture in our collection by French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle is titled "Valentine" (ca. 1963). Part of her "tirs" series, meaning fire or gunshot in French, the artist or other participants fired .22 caliber rifles into reliefs coated in white plaster, made of found objects and embedded with bags of oil paint or aerosol cans. Of her shooting paintings, the artist explained "There is not such a great difference between construction and destruction. What I’m trying to do is to create poetry through destruction and I think it is beautiful."

4 days ago

For over thirty years drawing has been fundamental to the practice of contemporary American artist #RoniHorn (b. 1955), whose work revolves around the mutability of identity and the fragility of place, time, and language. Tomorrow at 7 p.m., we invite you to the opening reception for "Roni Horn: When I Breathe, I Draw" at the #MenilDrawingInstitute. The first part of this two-part exhibition will feature Horn's encompassing drawings, some over ten feet tall. The program is free and open to everyone.

5 days ago

As part of the Menil’s ongoing lecture series with contemporary artists, British artist #TacitaDean will give a talk this evening at 6 p.m. in our main building. Join Dean for a discussion on how her work in film, photography, and drawing explores poetic possibilities such as the phenomena of passing time and the nature of creative production. This program is free and open to everyone. Seating is limited.

1 week ago

A collaboration between the Menil, the @diaartfoundation , and the artist himself, the Cy Twombly Gallery opened #onthisday in 1995. In the early 1990s, the Menil approached Twombly about a single-artist installation. Taken with the idea, the artist became intimately involved in both the building and the selection and placement of artworks. 24 years later, the original installation remains largely unchanged. Visit the #CyTwombly Gallery Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admission is free, always.

1 week ago

The public are invited to a free gallery talk tomorrow, February 10, at 3 p.m. in our main building. Associate Curator of Contemporary Art Irene Shum will speak on #JohnCage ’s monumental watercolor "New River Rocks and Smoke" (1990) and the innovative techniques used to create this work. The drawing is on view for the first time in 22 years in "Collection Close-Up: John Cage."

1 week ago

Chicago-based contemporary artist #TheasterGates (b. 1973) produces socially engaged art through a practice that includes sculpture, architecture, installation, and performance. In Gates's "Civil Tapestry" series, he constructs sculptural works from flattened, decommissioned fire hoses. The worn yellow hoses that comprise "Hose for Fire and Other Tragic Encounters" (2014, pictured center) are stamped with numbers and text such as "Angus Supply Hose," reminding viewers that they once served as fire hoses. This material recalls the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, and specifically the Birmingham campaign of 1963, during which time pro-integration demonstrators were violently hosed by civic authorities. This work is currently on view the contemporary galleries in our main museum building. #RediscoverMenil #BlackHistoryMonth #BHM

1 week ago

Devoid of decoration, this #Byzantine gold reliquary was most likely an Early Christian funerary object. Its small dimensions (less than 3 inches long and 2 inches tall) suggest it was the innermost of one or two other casket reliquaries. The sarcophagus-like shape further points to its purpose as a sacred container. The box is displayed in a small gallery lined with Byzantine icons in our main building. #RediscoverMenil Image: Reliquary, ca. 500. Macedonia, possibly Stobi. The #MenilCollection , Houston

1 week ago

#Menil members are invited to join us for our annual festive party tomorrow evening from 7–9 p.m. ✨ Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, wine, and live music in the main building foyer. Don’t miss this special opportunity to stroll through the museum after hours! #RediscoverMenil If you are not currently a member, visit to join today.

1 week ago

Join us in the main building tomorrow, February 6, at 7 p.m. for a conversation with artist #TrentonDoyleHancock ( @trenton_doyle_hancock ) and Senior Curator Michelle White. They will discuss the artist's unique approach to storytelling through drawing on the occasion of the Menil's presentation of the recently acquired group of his drawings, "Epidemic! Presents: Step and Screw!" in "Contemporary Focus: Trenton Doyle Hancock." This program is free and open to everyone.

1 week ago

@nivek__nivek 's black labs are enjoying the #MenilDrawingInstitute courtyard. The building is currently off view to the public for installation of "Roni Horn: When I Breathe, I Draw" but visitors can still enjoy our other buildings and outdoor spaces. #DogsofMenil

2 weeks ago

In #MaxErnst 's "Surrealism and Painting (Le Surréalisme et la peinture)" (1942), an iridescent, bird-like creature paints an abstract picture of green daubs overlaid with crossing black lines. The artist described creating these lines through oscillation, a technique of his own invention that involved swinging a perforated tin can full of liquid paint over a flat canvas. Like many #Surrealist techniques, this may be understood as an attempt to liberate creative practice from the artist's conscious control. This work is on view now in the #MenilCollection #Surrealism galleries. #RediscoverMenil

2 weeks ago

In her @houstonchron review of "Contemporary Focus: Trenton Doyle Hancock" Molly Glentzer writes that "this show may be Hancock’s best ever." The exhibition features "Epidemic! Presents: Step and Screw!," a series of thirty works on paper by Houston-based artist #TrentonDoyleHancock that combines illustrations and text in a comic strip-like format

2 weeks ago

Today marks the beginning of #BlackHistoryMonth in the United States. Each week this month we will feature an African American artist on view at the #Menil. First, #JoeOverstreet 's "Ancestral God" (1971) and "Free Direction" (1971) are currently on view in the main building contemporary galleries. In his work, Overstreet grappled with the politics of identity and the legacy of abstraction. The artist's incorporation of rope into his painting, for example, quietly yet forcefully refers to the history of lynchings of African Americans in the United States. "Ancestral God" (pictured) is constructed from five pieces of stitched canvas. Ropes, extending from the metal grommets in the corners of the fabric, create geometric and faceted planes of reds, blues, and purples that hover off of the wall, evoking a tent or a sail. Overstreet described his "nomadic art" as an object that could quickly roll up and travel. #BHM #RediscoverMenil

2 weeks ago

"Collection Close Up: John Cage" opens to the public tomorrow, February 1, in the #MenilCollection main building. The exhibition features the monumental watercolor "New River Rocks and Smoke" (1990). The work, which is Cage's largest and last watercolor, will be on view for the first time in 22 years through May 22, 2019. Scroll to see the entire drawing, which measures over 32 feet long.