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5 hours ago

Volunteers love Honey! Here are some volunteer testimonials: 馃嵂 "Honey and I walked around the yard and she was very polite on the leash. Did a little jogging on leash and she really enjoyed that. Plus she liked climbing up on things (picnic table, steps) and we did a little photo shoot." 馃嵂 "Such a sweet pup. She's very treat and toy motivated, and posed like a model for the photoshoot." 馃嵂 "Curious and happy girl! She's so interested in what鈥檚 happening outside the yard. She gets up on the picnic table for a better view. She does need some leash work so a leash class for a refresher is probably a very good idea." 馃嵂 "We've been out together before and I continue to be amazed by her energy. As we've all noticed, she got a bit of weight, but she's so fun to play with! This time we tried the tug toy (a theme) and she loved it. Romped about like a pup." 馃嵂 "Honey is doing so much better on on leash. I used treats to encourage change of direction when she started to get stubborn." 馃嵂 Honey is a sweet sweet girl and keeps getting looked over. We would love to find the right home for her. She's social and friendly with people, very engaging and playful. As a people dog, she prefers the company of humans over dogs. She is best suited for homes with adults only. 馃憤 Interested in meeting Honey? Come on down to OAS today. We are open until 6pm! 馃摲: @walterdogsblog 鉂わ笍馃惥 #adoptable #adoptdontshop #adoptoakland #adoptlocal #adoptlove

8 hours ago

*Sound up* 馃攭 Listen to Cannoli getting ready for a walk with his foster dad! We think Cannoli's happy growl is more like a yodel. What do you think? Tell us below! 馃巿 This happy and super friendly senior is looking for a home! Please email oasfostering @gmail.com if you're interested in giving him a spot in your family roster. 鉂わ笍馃惥 #adoptable #adoptdontshop #adoptoakland #adoptlocal #adoptlove #oasfoster

11 hours ago

Fattie, who is anything but, is just the nicest girl on the adoption floor. This beautiful lab/border collie mix is about 3 years old and 76 lbs. This mellow girl is a superstar on leash! Heels nicely and responds nicely when called. This social girl likes people and dogs alike! So if you're looking for an awesome wing girl, Fattie is the one for you! 鉂わ笍馃惥 #adoptable #adoptdontshop #adoptoakland #adoptlocal #adoptlove

14 hours ago

Looking for the ultimate lap cat? Then Etta is your girl! All she wants is a person to love and to love her in return. Show this sweet lady some affection, and she will reward you with instant purrs, air biscuits, and offerings of her soft belly to rub (quite the privilege!). A very good girl, indeed. Meet Etta today from 3-6 p.m.! #Adopt #AdoptMe #AdoptDontShop #Adoptable #AdoptLocal #AdoptOakland #Cat #Gato #Gatto #CatsofInstagram #CatsofIG #Catstagram #RescuePet #RescueCat #Shelterpet #ShelterCat #Pet #PetsofInstagram #PetsofIG #Petstagram #Torbie #TorbieCat #CutenessOverload #LapCat

21 hours ago

Jane and Panda are play group buddies! Love how playful both of these ladies are. And the tail wagging!! Both Jane and Panda are playful and do well with other dogs. They are both available for adoption. Come and see us tomorrow! Jane is in foster, email oasfostering @gmail.com to meet her 鉂わ笍馃惥 #adoptable #adoptdontshop #adoptoakland #adoptlocal #adoptlove

1 day ago

FOSTER NEEDED: Poppy is a 1 year old pup with the sweetest demeanor. She wags her tail at everyone and everything. She has been hanging out in our office area and is a quiet, easygoing girl. She does sometimes whine for attention but will stop shortly. 馃Ц Poppy has a broken pelvis. She has made great strides in her recovery, though. She's up and about walking around! She does not need to be carried anymore however she should get some assistance when walking across smooth surfaces (e.g. using a towel to support her hind legs). She does fine walking on grass or concrete on her own. She is about 40 lbs. 馃尡 She is still recovering, so she should be only taken on short walks/potty breaks. This is really not an issue because she doesn't mind spending her day just lying around hanging out with you! 馃泴 Poppy also seems to be coming down with a cough and she would really benefit from getting out of the shelter soon. 馃啒 Poppy will need several weeks to recover, however if you can only foster for a couple weeks, that's ok too. 馃檹 If you can help Poppy, email oasfostering @gmail.com. #fosterneeded #fosteringsaveslives

1 day ago

We're a half way though the giveaway! Have you posted a photo of an OAS Alum or one of Jade? 馃コ PRIZES: 1锔忊儯 6鈥漻5鈥 painted portrait of your pet by @javielpetportraits of Oakland. (Portrait will be on heavy watercolor paper valued at $150. Just need a photo of your pet, need not be present for the portrait painting.) Please go follow @javielpetportraits ! 2锔忊儯 Gift card worth $50 each to your choice of Petco. We are giving away 5 of these. You can only win one of the 6 prizes above. 馃弳 HOW TO PARTICIPATE: 馃搶 Make sure to follow @oaklandanimalservices , if you don鈥檛 already. 馃搶 Post a photo of a pet that you adopted from us, tag us and use the hashtags #oasalum #oas10kgiveaway 馃搶 OR if you don鈥檛 have an OAS alum, REPOST a photo of Jade (featured above) and mention she is available for adoption at OAS. Please tag us and use hashtag #oas10kgiveaway #adoptoakland in your post. 馃搶 You can post as many times as you like but only one will count per day until the giveaway ends. But please tag us and use the hashtags so we can find them. 馃殾 (US residents only. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Giveaway is no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram. We just wanted to celebrate and say thank you for following us. Giveaway will be closed 11:59 pm PST 4/30/2019. Winners will be chosen randomly from eligible entries. One winner and prize per household. Winners will be announced on Friday on 5/3.) 鉂わ笍馃惥 #oakland #oaklandanimalservices

2 days ago

Cannoli has been featured on @susiesseniordogs today!! 馃憞 #Repost @susiesseniordogs with @get_repost 銉汇兓銉 OAKLAND, CA: Holy moly, roly-poly Cannoli is cute!! Think of all the adorable nicknames you could call this loving senior boy who is on the search for his forever home. Oh the fun! Cannoli is 8 years old and, despite a touch of arthritis, he still enjoys a good romp around with other dogs. And then a good long snooze on the sofa, of course. He's 85lbs and working on shedding a little weight for his comfort, so a family who can give him a moderate walking schedule would be ideal. Overall, Cannoli is a low-needs guy and will quickly fill up anyone's heart! PLEASE SHARE! 馃惤 @oaklandanimalservices wrote, "Cannoli is a gentle, goofy giant. He was found as a stray - he was picked up by an animal control officer in a parking lot. Cannoli loves to make new friends! He is excited to meet any new dog friends as well as human. He gets along with dogs of all sizes and does really well with other dogs that are not too pushy. Cannoli ignores, or doesn't read, other dogs body language when they ask for personal space so he would be best matched with another dog that is either highly tolerant or who wants to play a lot as well. When it comes to barking, Cannoli is a very quiet dog and only lets out an adorable, raspy howl when he is extra excited or needs more affection. Cannoli loves lounging on the sofa and is content to lay by your side. This big softie is a great cuddler too! Cannoli is not shy and will demand kisses and snuggles right away from all humans. He is a giant who doesn't really understand his body strength or moving out of the way so a house with kids over 8 years old would be best. Cannoli has developed some arthritis in his joints. Even with his arthritis, Cannoli enjoys going on walks. He currently weighs about 85lbs and needs to lose a couple of pounds for bikini season. Our dogs are only available for adoption locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cannoli's adoption fee has been paid by a secret admirer! If you looking for a friendly companion to be by your side, you should meet Cannoli!" To adopt Cannoli, please email OASfostering @gmail.com !

2 days ago

It's official - Oakland Animal Services will be participating in Empty the Shelters on Saturday, May 4! Stop by on our biggest adoption day of the year for discounted adoption fees on dogs, cats, and rabbits. 馃惗馃樅馃惏 Note that Oakland Animal Services will NOT be pre-approving adopters prior to May 4, but we do strongly encourage interested adopters to review our adoption requirements to ensure that you're ready to go on the big day! 馃憞 http://www.oaklandanimalservices.org/adopt/how-to-adopt/ 馃憞 https://www.facebook.com/BissellPetFoundation/posts/2145575438822906 鉂わ笍馃惥 #adoptable #adoptdontshop #adoptoakland #adoptlocal #adoptlove

2 days ago

Speaking of adopt-from-the-back cats, here鈥檚 Chubbs! This chunky boy is a little confused by shelter life and is still learning how to communicate his needs鈥攚hether that be pets and snuggles or some alone time. He鈥檚 looking for a person who has experience with cats and knows how to read their body language. Because when he鈥檚 in the mood, this boy is a lover! To meet Chubbs, email OASCats[at]Yahoo.com. #Adopt #AdoptMe #Adoptable #AdoptLocal #AdoptOakland #AdoptDontShop #Cat #Gato #Gatto #CatsofInstagram #CatsofIG #Catstagram #Pet #RescuePet #ShelterPet #PetsofInstagram #PetsofIG #Petstagram #Tabby #TabbyCat #TabbyTuesday #CutenessOverload

2 days ago

Did you know that not all of our adoptable cats are up front at the shelter? We often have cats that need a bit more quiet, or more experienced handlers, and we house them in a special area in the back. Take Poncho: This young guy is still figuring out how to interact with people. He鈥檚 affectionate and social, but it has to be on his terms. If he鈥檚 not in the mood, he鈥檒l let you know in no uncertain terms. He鈥檚 looking for a fur-ever home with people who understand that and will give him love when he asks for it and space when he needs it. Follow his lead, and you鈥檒l be rewarded with affection and purrs! To meet Poncho, email OASCats[at]Yahoo.com. #Adopt #Adoptable #AdoptMe #AdoptLocal #AdoptOakland #AdoptDontShop #Cat #Gato #Gatto #CatsofInstagram #CatsofIG #Catstagram #RescuePet #ShelterPet #Pet #PetsofInstagram #PetsofIG #Petstagram #Tabby #TabbyCat #TabbyTuesday #CutenessOverload

2 days ago

Panda had a bit of rough start in life. She came to us as a pregnant stray. Unfortunately her puppies were not healthy and as much as our veterinary staff tried to save them, only one survived. Initially Panda wasn鈥檛 very interested in people but over time she has really come out of her shell, thanks to countless hours spent with staff and volunteers. She's opened up and blossomed into a friendly and engaging dog. Panda is a rock star in doggie playgroups! She plays nicely with other dogs and reads their body language well. She would do very well living with another friendly playful dog. We are thrilled she's available for adoption. She could really use a second chance. 馃摲: @andrewkdow 鉂わ笍馃惥 #adoptable #adoptdontshop #adoptoakland #adoptlocal #adoptlove

3 days ago

Cannoli is one of our long term residents and senior dog currently in foster. This gentle giant takes a bit to warm up but once he does he goes on these cute crooked runs, which we are affectionately calling the Quasimodo Trot. 馃帴 Video courtesy of awesome foster dad. 馃彙 We would love to find him a loving and caring home for Cannoli to spend his golden years in. Is that you? Please email oasfostering @gmail.com to arrange a meeting. Let's find Cannoli a home! 鉂わ笍馃惥 #adoptable #adoptdontshop #adoptoakland #adoptlocal #adoptlove #adoptaseniordog

3 days ago

Help us to help keep our bunnies from getting bored! We could use some wicker balls, which our buns love to play with. They're on our Amazon wish list, or you can buy from your preferred retailer and bring or send to Oakland Animal Services at 1101 29th Avenue, Oakland CA 94601. We thank you and the rabbits thank you! https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1SGAV55SXAUQL/ref=cm_sw_su_w (Link in bio!) 鉂わ笍馃惥 #adoptable #adoptdontshop #adoptoakland #adoptlocal #adoptlove

3 days ago

Happy Earth Day! Let's take care our planet, our selves and the animals. We are stewards of this planet that we call home. 馃寧 馃憞 #Repost @terryrunyan with @get_repost 銉汇兓銉 Day 280 plus 20/100. Earth Day! And a big hug to you Mother Earth! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 This is our Daily Creating Group prompt too! Come join us! Link in Bio . . #dailycreating #earthday #100dayproject #100daysofdailycreating #catsofinstagram #cat #mouse #bird #bat #watercolor #terryrunyan